About the Club

We promote a fun, safe and fair environment to ensure players, parents, coaches, officials and administrators alike all enjoy football and stay involved.

We are an all-volunteer organisation - At Beerwah Glasshouse United Football Club (BeeGees) we aim to promote and encourage active participation in football at all levels.

Please see contact details below for current committee members 

Executive Committee
- President –  president.bgufc@gmail.com
- Vice President : TBC - vicepresident.bgufc@gmail.com  
- Secretary : TBC- secretary.bgufc@gmail.com  
- Treasurer : TBC - treasurer.bgufc@gmail.com  
- Registrar : TBC - registrar.bgufc@gmail.com

General Committee
- Canteen Coordinator – 
- Equipment Coordinator – 
- Club Coach Coordinator – 
- Social Media Coordinator – 
- Volunteer Coordinator – 
- Seniors Coordinator – 
- Sponsorship Coordinator – 
- Grants Coordinator - 
- Sponsorship Coordinator - 
- Field Set Up Coordinator – 
- Field Pack Down Coordinator – 
- Groundsperson/Line Marking – 
- General Committee – 

It's vital that we have new people join the committee to keep the club strong, bring new ideas, and to share the work load. So if your looking for a local community group and love football, come join the club! Please note - committee positions are entirely on a volunteer basis so remember to be kind to our volunteers when engaging in club activities. 

Committee Info

Each year our club relies on community members giving their time to help run all the behind the scenes here at BGUFC. At the end of each soccer season we hold an AGM (Annual General Meeting) to re-elect the committee for the following year. These meetings are held at the club itself and are open to the public. Dates for the meeting are released via our Facebook page around November each year.

If you would like to nominate a position for yourself or someone else, please send us an email at - …